July 8, 2021

Tuff attends BAUMA CTT Russia 2019

June 4-7, 2019, for better development and expansion of the Russian market, Hebei Tuff participated in the BAUMA CTT Russia 2019, The exhibition is the largest international construction machinery exhibition in Russia, central Asia and eastern Europe.

In this exhibition, As a high-tech enterprise integrating researching construction method, design, manufacturing, sales and trade. Tuff equipment introduces and shares high quality products and advanced technology to everyone, attracting many customers to stop for consultation and negotiation.

In this exhibition, Tuff has received more than 100 visitors and got several orders. Through this exhibition, Tuff jumped into the Russia market by product quality, technical service and the base of cooperation with the Russia local old customer successfully, also made a satisfactory ending for the trip in Moscow.

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